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Liable to be Labeled

When did I come up with the concept of Puffed Up Productions? Back when I was writing PR for a bunch of artists. So many defunct blogs ago...

Pink Puffery

I wanted to give up on this Pink Puffery Quilt every time I sat down with it at the old green Singer 185J, but I just kept telling myself to wait until it was bound and washed before quitting. 💖😂💖 Next time I’m either going to hand quilt or send the quilt top out to a professional long arm machine. I love the designing and piecing aspect of quilt-making but not the actual quilting part. I’m going to experiment more with walking feet though; maybe I’ll find one that works on my machine. Hugo loves this one and so do I; I just wouldn’t want an experienced quilter to judge it!

The Power of the Pin

For this Pink Puffery quilt (which I started immediately after The Pucker Up Quilt, before even sweeping up any scraps off the ground or otherwise cleaning the craft room) I used PINS! After "nestling" without pins on my first quilt, and subsequently losing points and accuracy in the name of speed, I decided to take two minutes more per row and pin those freaking nestles in place.

Pucker Up

Pucker Up Quilt, finished! Bound, washed, and ready for a nap. This is my second favorite quilt now, close runner up to the feedsack patchwork I bought at Goodwill for $3 thirty years ago, and which looks like it was sewn together with baling wire by Mammy Yokum after more than a few stiff slugs of moonshine. I must have a type! Can’t wait to  get started on the next one! This was super fun. Thank you Miss Melody Miller for orchestrating such a wonderful team of design whizzes. 

Puffery Will Get You Everywhere

It all began with a pile of color. I obtained this pile through shopping online with Amazon, after becoming enamored of Rifle Paper Company fabric. I noticed it was manufactured by a brand called Cotton + Steel so I began searching for fabric by that company.